Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Beginner's Guide

CBD Oil Beginner's Guide

First-time buyers of CBD can have many questions, everything from the growing method to what you should feel, to the right dose. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will feel more confident about your purchase and have a better idea of what to expect.

What Plant Does CBD Come From?

CBD (cannabidiol) oil is extracted  from Cannabis Sativa L., the same plant as its well-known cousin marijuana. The main difference between these two plants is that marijuana contains high amounts of THC, which causes the "high" effect. CBD is harvested from hemp for its medicinal effect and contains less than .3% of THC. There are also notable differences in the way each plant looks, how it is watered, and how much sun it needs.

What Else Is In Our CBD?

CBD (cannabidiol) oil is extracted from the hemp plants and is blended with a carrier oil for easy ingestion.  We prefer to use Organic MCT oil in all of our blends for faster absorption and because of its smooth flavor.  All of our oil blends are sold in a 30ml dropper bottles.  Oils are convenient to use and are considered one of the most effective ways to get your daily dose of CBD.  

All of blends come in varying strengths of 350mg, and 1500mg.   We have formulated 3 unique flavors that are sure to impress: Peppermint, Unflavored, and Piña Colada.


Not all CBD is created equally. Whether you want to buy supplements, CBD or food quality is always important. Recently, the FDA found that many CBD companies on the market make false claims on their packaging. One of the best ways to ensure that you get a high quality CBD oil is to search the test results on the website of the brand you want to buy. There should be 2 tests: effectiveness and quality control. Potency tests ensure that you get the correct milligrams listed on the bottle. Quality control will help you verify that there are no harmful chemicals in the CBD. This can be a bit harder to read, especially if essential information has been excluded from these tests, which is common practice for many companies to hide some hard chemicals they use during the growing and extraction process.

Why Is CBD Also Called Hemp?

CBD comes from the hemp plant.  You might notice that a lot of CBD oil is called Hemp oil. Both of these names refer to the compound that is extracted from the hemp plant.  But it’s important to buy your CBD from a trusted source that tests for potency and quality to ensure that you are getting what you are paying for.

What Is It Good For?

CBD has been known to improve anxiety, stress, sleep, mood, and physical discomforts.  If you are interested in learning more about what CBD is good for, we recommend going to a trustworthy website for research articles and studies that have been conducted.  One of our favorite sites is www.projectcbd.org 

Will CBD Show Up On a Drug Test?

Although CBD has less than .3% THC, which means it does not get you “high”, there is still a chance that it could show up on a drug test. If your job is at risk you might want to think twice about ingesting CBD oil, or talk to your employer to see what their policy is.

How Soon Will it Take Effect? 

Tinctures: You could start feeling the calming effects of your CBD oil within 10 minutes of placing it under your tongue.  If you are taking it for more chronic issues it will be important to be consistent over a longer period of time to begin seeing results.  Oftentimes, the results are subtle and may go unnoticed until you realize something that used to bother you is simply gone. 

Topical: Find a sore spot on your body, rub our body butter vigorously for 1 minute.  You will feel relief within 2-5 minutes.  If you are using the body butter for relaxation the effects will be felt in 10-15 minutes. 

What is the Proper Dosage?

If you've never tried a CBD tincture before, the best advice we can give you is to start with a low dosage tincture and slowly work your way up.  Start with 5-10mg/day and gradually increase until you find your sweet spot.  For many, that will be around 25mg/day, which is anywhere from ½ a dropper or a full dropper depending on the strength.  Make sure to purchase the right concentration amount based on how much you want to take per day.  This amount should be clearly stated on the bottle.

What Will I Feel?  

Tincture: Keep in mind that CBD is not THC.  In other words, CBD will not make you feel high.  However, it does influence the endocannabinoid and serotonin systems in the body which will help improve mood and energy levels.  Physical and mental conditions like anxiety, stress, achy muscles, discomforts, and other complaints might improve. A sense of calm might come over you, like taking a deep breath. When you take your CBD daily, the best results are felt over time.   

Topical: Our CBD infused body butter also has essential oils and our special terpene blend that will help relieve tense and sore muscles while also helping you to relax and improve mood.  Application tip: apply a dime size amount to the nape of the neck before bedtime to enjoy a better night’s sleep. 

How Long Will the Effect Last? 

Tinctures last anywhere between 2-6 hours depending on how much you take and how often you are taking it.  The effect can be longer lasting the longer you take the product.


Tinctures: For best delivery, sublingually application is the fastest way to feel the effects of any oil.  Place the desired amount under your tongue and allow it to absorb for 15-30 seconds before swallowing. 

Topical: Apply the desired amount 2-3 times a day to the affected area. You should feel relief within 5-15 minutes of application. Remember to rub thoroughly so that it penetrates effectively into the skin.




  • If you are pregnant, nursing, or taking any kind of medications talk to a healthcare professional before using a tincture.


  • Like with all herbal plants, you have to find the right dosage that works for you. Take it slow and give it time.


  • CBD is not a drug. If you don’t feel anything right away keep in mind that we all respond differently to CBD in our body depending on many factors. Again, take it slow and give it time. 

 Thank you for reading our blog.  We hope your CBD journey will benefit you greatly and look forward to hearing from you. 

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