Onaya believes in supporting all of the important people who are the pillars of our communities. We offer a CBD discount program for all military members and veterans, teachers, first responders, and disabled individuals because we believe in creating a happier and healthier world for all of us.  We hope that our USDA Organic CBD can be of benefit to you in your busy life so that you can feel better and be more productive in the work you do.   

As a small gesture of “thank you” from us to you, we offer a 25% discount to all Veterans and Military members, Teachers, First Responders, and Disabled individuals.  



1. Sign Up

Create an account or sign-in on our exclusive discount affiliation page to retrieve and use your discount.

2. Validate

Follow the prompted page instructions to verify your status affiliation. (Documentation may be requested.)

3. Enjoy

Sign-in to your exclusive discount affiliation account and retrieve your 25% discount code. The discount code changes every 24 hours and can only be used once per day.